Floys Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto New York City Press Conference on February 28, 2012 for thier May 5, 2012 fight in Las Vegas, Nevada
Photos By Jeff Fusco/Hoganphotos
In sports there are few more provocative figures than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Everyone with a passing interest in boxing, and many besides, has an opinion on the man. To boxing fans, he is a troublesome presence. On one hand his skills have to be respected, few boxers have ever shown […]

Floyd Mayweather: Public enemy number one

Few corruption scandals in modern history have shocked a country so thoroughly to it’s core as Operation Car Wash in Brazil. In a couple of years it has thrown Brazilian society into turmoil, contributing to a political and economic crisis. Netflix has even announced a new series based on the story […]

Operation Car Wash: The scandal sending Brazil’s elite to jail

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“Corinthians is a social phenomenon that should be studied in depth” – Menotti Del Picchia You won’t find Itaquera on any postcards. This is not the Brazil that appears in travel brochures and Hollywood films. The neighbourhood, buried deep within the eastern districts of the sprawling mass that is Sao […]

Corinthians: A nation in black and white

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“In Sao Paulo we have…the football club of the Germans, of the English, of the Portuguese, of the international and even of the Catholics and the Protestants, but a club that might be composed exclusively of Italian “sportsmen,” and our colony [is] the largest in the state, [yet] still nothing […]

Champions again – Palmeiras, Brazil’s grand Italian footballing dynasty

This coming weekend sees the end of the season for Brazil’s top tier. In a normal time the focus would be on this year’s champions, Palmeiras, who have won their first league title for 22 years. In a normal time, the press and fans would be analysing each team’s success […]

Chapecoense: Brazil’s tragic underdogs

All around the world, it seems, the left is lost. In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn finds his leadership under attack by the bulk of his own party. In France and Germany, once strong left wing movements look beleaguered. Faced by angry and disillusioned electorates the world over, the left seems incapable […]

Trying to understand Brazil’s political crisis

In the early 2000s, DJs at a club based in a former cutlery works in Sheffield started blending house tracks with speed garage. The style they developed, known as Niche, 4×4 and, finally, bassline, became a phenomenon. The scene’s most famous clubs became legendary while the genre’s leading artists took the sound […]

Garage goes to Yorkshire: The story of bassline

As anyone who has even the most passing interest in new music will know, UK grime is enjoying a major resurgence. Once regarded as little more than a short lived scene that produced a few great records and then faded into obscurity, a new wave of MCs have made the […]

Novelist: Grime’s most enigmatic young star

Schoolboy Q is the court jester of LA’s resurgent rap scene. An exuberant presence frequently seen joking around (and getting high) with fellow rappers, his easy going persona disguises a past caught up in South Central gang violence and drug addiction. His label debut, Oxymoron told the story of his journey […]

Schoolboy Q: LA hip hop’s maverick ready for round two

  A$ap Ferg’s impressive debut elevated him from A$ap Rocky’s mate to star in his own right. His new album, Always Strive and Prosper, is a schizophrenic effort torn between a chart friendly sound and raw thuggery that never quite reaches the same heights but is saved by some highlights amongst […]

Review: A$ap Ferg – Always Strive and Prosper