It would be crass and insensitive to begin this piece any other way but to express the greatest hope that Trowbridge boxer Nick Blackwell makes a full and swift recovery. Following the stoppage of his bout with Chris Eubank Jr last night, the 24 year old collapsed in the ring […]

Nick Blackwell: A grim reminder of boxing’s realities

Brook at an opening training session before tonight's fight against Kevin Bizier
British boxing is currently enjoying a spectacular renaissance, with world title holders across numerous weight classes. But for Kell Brook, the latest champion to emerge from the Sheffield-based Ingle gym’s production line of talent, life at the top seems to have lost it’s lustre. On 16 August 2014 Ezekiel ‘Kell’ Brook emerged […]

The not so Special One: Kell Brook’s frustrating search for ...

Luke Campbell was one of the most promising prospects to emerge out of the 2012 GB Olympic boxing team. A gold medallist and a likeable character he emerged victorious from his first twelve fights as a professional. But his smooth rise was unexpectedly interrupted last month after he lost in a […]

What’s next for Luke Campbell?

This dark tale of ghetto paranoia, depression and anxiety wrestled the spotlight onto southern rap and earned The Geto Boys a place in hip hop’s hall of fame.    Rappers have never been afraid to embrace the darker subjects. Take Tupac and Biggie for instance. Two of the greatest ever, […]

Throwback: Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks on me

Once upon a time hip hop was a battlefield. Any degree of success or claim to be the best opened an MC up for attack. If you wanted to sit on the throne you had to deal with challengers. From the early days of the now legendary “bridge wars” between […]

The lost art of hip hop beef

The North East of England has for decades been associated with decline. Once a great production engine driving Britain’s growth, the region has seen it’s traditional industries from shipbuilding to mining stripped down to a few remnants. Locals may object to the “grim up north” narrative and point to the […]

The sorry state of North East football

It’s been a decade since Arctic Monkeys dramatically burst into the UK charts with the single “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” Then a much hyped but relatively unknown band, the first single from the Sheffield four piece’s debut album Whatever People Say I am That’s What I’m […]

Top 5 early Arctic Monkeys songs

How the Pittsburgh MC went from joke to the man about to drop one of the most keenly awaited albums of the year Mac Miller’s third studio album is due on the 18th of this month. It’s been a long old wait. Miller’s second effort, Watching Movies With The Sound […]

Return of the Mac: How Mac Miller won hip hop’s ...

A few weeks ago, news came out that the number of clubs in Britain had declined markedly. There are apparently now 50% less nightclubs in Britain than there were 10 years ago. The Guardian greeted this news with delight, declaring that the fall showed that British culture was becoming more refined, […]

What’s happening to UK nightlife?

Dr. Dre’s third album may not reach the legendary status of his first two efforts, but his swansong may just be the most interesting and daring record of his career. When it comes to hip hop, few rappers can have as daunting a legacy to live up to as Dr. Dre. As […]

The Compton review